Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome to the World, Jackson Lee!

Jose and Amy
Jackson Lee
born on
Saturday, February 6, 2010.
Weight:  8lbs 10oz
Length: 20 inches

Friday, February 5, 2010

Due Date

I am officially 40 weeks pregnant today. 

For the first time in my pregnancy, I was scared.  As soon as I got on the elevator to leave the doctor's office, my eyes were watering.  I knew I had to call mom right away because she would be freaking out.  As soon as she answered the phone, I was in the midst of a full-blown cry.  It took me a few minutes to gain my composure before I could tell her what was going on.

We had an appointment for a Non-Stress Test today.  The purpose of the test was to see how Jackson's heart reacted to movements and contractions.  The test was easy.  I laid there with two transducers wrapped around my belly and talked to Jose.  We watched the monitor as his heart rate went up and down.  The technician came and went several times to check on me.  She said, "You are having contractions.  See right here where it goes up and back down?"  I said, "Wow!  If that's all there is to contractions, this will be easy."  Humor makes things a little easier. 

She left us there on the monitor for about an hour.  One time she came in and said, "It looks OK, we just need to monitor a little longer."  That's when I knew there was something not right.  Jose could sense it, too.

When my foot started to go to sleep, I was able to get up and go wait to see the Nurse Practitioner (they didn't have an appointment available for me to see a doctor).  When Shannon came in she said, "Give me a minute, I haven't even had a chance to review your charts.  She looked at the paper for a long time.  She said, "OK... things look okay.  See this right here (points to the contractions)?  You are having contractions.  When you do, we should see his heart rate change.  It does here, here, and here.  What worries me is this one here (points to another strong contraction and the corresponding heart rate above it).  His heart rate doesn't go up or down.  It could mean different things.  Let's exam you and that might change how we look at this." 

I was still 2 1/2 cm dilated.  She said I am getting really close to 3.  She said that it was good that I was dilating on my own and that I haven't had any leaking fluids or bleeding.  She wanted to take my chart and get a doctor's opinion.  It was official freak-out time!  Jose and I just looked at each other and I tried to explain to him what was going on. 

When Shannon came back, she said that they wanted me to have an ultrasound today to check the fluid around the baby and maybe monitor me some more before they sent me home for the weekend.  She said to go get some lunch, come back for the ultrasound, and we would go from there.  So we scheduled the ultrasound for 1:30 and left.

That's when I called mom.  I had texted her a few times during the appointment to update her but I didn't want her to stress.  I knew that telling her they had some concerns and wanted to do an ultrasound would freak her out.  Well, she had to cancel some plans with my grandmother and met me for lunch.  I think we both felt better knowing that we were together.  Jose had to go to work (luckily it's 4 minutes from the doctor/hospital). 

Fast forward to 1:30.  Jose, Mom, and I were back at ultrasound.  He is still head down.  She said she needed to feel or see a kick and three major movements.  Well, that didn't take long.  He was awake (he must like Chik-fil-a), had a full bladder, and was practicing using his lungs.  She measured the fluid around the baby and said everything looked really good.  She said that I still had time before I had to deliver.  AHHHH!!!  RELIEF!

We saw Shannon again after the ultrasound and she said everything looked good.  She told me that I needed to go ahead and schedule an induction for early next week.  It is still possible for him to come on his own this weekend.  She advised me to call the office if his movement patterns change, I had any bleeding or leaking, or if I started showing signs of labor.

That being said, we scheduled for me to be induced Tuesday morning.  Although I really want it to happen on it's own, I trust that the doctor knows what's best for the baby. 

I am VERY glad to have Jose and my mom.  I wouldn't have made it through today without them!  Also, thanks to all of my friends and family for their thoughts and prayers!  I love you all and will keep you updated!

Here is a picture of me yesterday at 39 weeks and 6 days.